An international startup facing rapid growth

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An international startup facing rapid growth
A US-based startup is looking to scale up. With a lot of growth potential on the near horizon, these are promising times. However, this opportunity also means that the company has a lot at stake. To enable growth, the business is launching a European headquarters in the Netherlands. And an essential part of this journey is hiring new talent. The company is aiming to hire 200 employees within the first year. And although this is an exciting process, there is a lot to consider, alongside many laws, rules and regulations to understand and adhere to.

The company can select and hire its new talent internally through internationally operating employees. However, it is looking for support from a professional employer organisation (PEO) in the Netherlands, such as Employor, which will act as its financial backbone in the Netherlands. Employor will help the company to set up and carry out the financial obligations associated with hiring professionals in an overseas labour market. Employor’s PEO services will ensure this company is aligning with all the necessary tax, employment, HR and payroll requirements. Employor will also provide expert advice and guidance on other cross-border issues that may arise relating to international employment.

Building new teams abroad in a short space of time is a challenge. But with Employor onboard to handle the administrative side of this process, the company can fully focus on its expansion plans.

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