Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Need support navigating Dutch employment regulations? With our professional employer organisation (PEO) services, we help international companies in many areas of employment administration.

What is the difference between PEO and EOR services?

At Employor, we offer both employer of record (EOR) and professional employment organisation (PEO) solutions. Both of these services assist international companies employing talent from the Netherlands. So, what’s the difference you might ask?

To hire employees in the Netherlands as a non-Dutch company, there are a number of requirements you must meet. These include becoming an official sponsor if talent from outside the EU bloc is hired,  legal entities and more. Establishing these can be both complex and time-consuming. That’s where an employer of record steps in. An EOR hires Netherlands-based talent as their own employee and seconds this talent to your company. That way, you can tap into the Dutch labour market, without the administration of hiring from abroad.

Alternatively, a partner offering PEO services does not hire talent on your behalf. Once talent is already hired by an international company, professional employment organisations can step in to take on the administrative tasks involved with maintaining these employees. This involves everything from payroll activities to HR matters and tax requirements. PEOs are also there to advise your company on all the ins and outs of Dutch employment laws and regulations.

At Employor, we’re proud to offer both! In doing so we can cover all bases for our international partners – from hiring professionals based in the Netherlands to nurturing this talent through PEO activities.

Employor’s PEO Services

Based in the Netherlands and with years of experience working with international partners, we’re your one-stop-shop when it comes to international payroll administration. Welcome!

We know that expanding your business and hiring abroad can seem overwhelming. After all, there’s a lot to take on board. We’re with our clients each step of the way. We ensure they comply with Dutch tax and employment laws and avoid any potential mistakes or pitfalls. We also like to make life just that little bit easier. By taking on the payroll, our partners can be more flexible with their time and resources.

From HR processes to tax obligations and everything in between, our PEO solutions help companies to embrace talent in the Netherlands to help them flourish and thrive. Read on to learn about our service packages and decide what’s best for your growing business.

Service packages to assist your business

Light Service

Looking for a helping hand? Despite its name, our ‘light service’ package covers a lot of ground. We have your back when it comes to employment administration. As your PEO partner, Employor will:

  • Register your company with the Dutch tax office (Belastingdienst) and stand as your contact address. This registration is necessary for payroll and tax obligations.
  • Establish payroll administration for your employees based in the Netherlands.  
  • Create monthly salary slips for your employees.
  • Identify and notify you about how much your employees need to be paid.
  • Take care of your payroll tax returns on a monthly basis.  
  • Keep you on track with how much needs to be paid in taxes and when these payments need to be arranged.
  • Draft end-of-year salary statements for your employees.
Full Service

For companies looking for an end-to-end payroll solution, our ‘full service’ package includes the activities listed above, plus additional benefits. Here, Employor will:

  • Organise the payroll tax payments for your company.
  • Organise the payment of salaries to employees on your behalf.
  • Support with any and all questions and concerns related to HR, payroll or tax.

Doing business in the Netherlands?

Already operational in the Netherlands or looking to expand here? We understand that a lot of questions may come to mind. Feel free to reach out and ask them on our contact page.

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