Employer of Record (EOR) With Permit

Looking to hire cross-border talent? We’re here to help! Learn about our payroll and international employer of record (EOR) services for businesses hiring employees from within Europe and beyond.

EOR services for permit holders

If you’re looking to hire talent from outside the EU, there are specific additional requirements to be considered. Firstly, candidates without EU citizenship need a work or residence permit to legally enter employment in the Netherlands.

As an employer, you play an important role in attaining this. The IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) requires companies hiring international talent to stand as their official sponsor. You will also need to meet a series of specific criteria and obligations to become a recognised sponsor by the IND.

Helping businesses hire international talent

Sponsorship, paired with setting up your candidate’s payroll, taxes, pension plan and other commitments, is a lot. We get it. All of a sudden, hiring from overseas seems like a juggling act that feels overwhelming and time-consuming. But we’re here to say, it doesn’t need to be.

Our EOR solutions (also known as payroll services) provide an easy access route for companies looking to tap into the Dutch labour market. Put simply, once you’ve located your ideal employees, we step in to make it happen. Talent will be hired by us, Employor, but will be seconded to your company as a member of staff. This way, you’ll reach the international professionals you need to support your operations while we handle the administrative side of the hiring process. And, if you decide during this time that you want to hire the employee yourself, you can.  

Work and residence permits

When it comes to arranging the correct permits for non-EU candidates, we’ve been around the block – again and again. So you’re in good hands. Employor is an official sponsor recognised by the IND. As such, we have extensive experience in connecting global companies to international talent in the Netherlands. This is also crucial as companies without an entity in the Netherlands are not able to become a sponsor. So here, we step in to ensure that your future employees (and their families) are supported with the correct work and residency permits.

We can also assist with permits specifically for those filling particularly skilled roles. This includes the highly skilled migrant permit and the European blue card. Although, it is worth noting that certain salary brackets must be met when hiring these candidates.

Salary, benefits and other employee requirements

Of course, there’s a lot of background work that goes into successfully hiring international candidates. The Netherlands has strict employment rules and legal conditions that need to be met in order to protect both employers and employees. As your partner, Employor will do all the essential administrative legwork, so you can focus on building your teams and offerings.

Alongside immigration permits, we also provide a variety of tax, accounting and financial support for internationally active companies. For example, we’ll arrange employment contracts, tax requirements and deductions, social security terms and pension accounts. This includes arranging the 30% tax ruling for highly skilled migrants. Additionally, as your talent’s official employer, we’ll also add them to our payroll and organise their payslips.

Benefits of using an Employer of Record

Expanding your global workforce is a nuanced process, and navigating its complexities can be challenging. Opting for an Employer of Record (EOR) service can significantly simplify this journey, bringing forth a myriad of benefits:

  1. Efficient Workforce Expansion:
    An EOR streamlines onboarding with structured HR data systems, facilitating talent acquisition globally.
  2. Seamless Compliance Management:
    EORs ensure adherence to local and international regulations, reducing compliance burdens for businesses.
  3. Operational Time Reclamation:
    By automating HR tasks, EORs free up valuable time for strategic pursuits.
  4. Reduced Overhead Costs:
    Streamlining processes leads to tangible cost savings associated with HR functions.
  5. Transparent Pricing:
    Employor operates on fixed fees, ensuring clarity and equal treatment for all clients.
  6. Accurate, On-Time Payroll:
    EORs manage payroll diligently, guaranteeing compliance and timely payments.
  7. Testing New Markets:
    EORs offer a low-risk approach to exploring new markets, enabling businesses to assess local conditions before committing.
  8. Lean Organisational Structure:
    Partnering with an EOR prevents overstaffing, fostering operational efficiency.
  9. Cutting-Edge HR Platforms:
    EORs provide innovative platforms for efficient HR management, reducing dependency on third-party providers.

When is an EOR necessary?

Navigating the complexities of international employment becomes essential in several scenarios, making an Employer of Record (EOR) service a strategic choice. Here are key situations where an EOR proves indispensable:

To Acquire Non-European Talent:

Candidates without EU citizenship must obtain work or residence permits to legally work in the Netherlands. An EOR acts as an official sponsor, ensuring compliance with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). For hiring candidates in particularly skilled roles, such as highly skilled migrants, an EOR assists in obtaining permits, considering certain salary brackets.

To Overcome Delays in Legal Entity:

For swift and compliant hiring across borders, an EOR eliminates delays associated with legal entity approvals. Leveraging expertise in international HR compliance, an EOR streamlines the onboarding process, providing a paperless system for efficient data collection.

To Successfully Manage Transition Periods:

When establishing a local presence in a new market, an EOR serves as an intermediate solution. It enables businesses to hire and build a local team seamlessly while the incorporation process progresses. Once the legal entity is in place, employees can be smoothly transitioned.

To Ensure Compliance and Mitigating Risks:

An EOR takes the lead in ensuring compliance with local and international regulations, significantly reducing the compliance workload for businesses. This includes hiring, labour laws, financial reporting, benefits, insurance, licences, and taxes.

To Simplify Payroll and Administrative Tasks:

Employers leveraging EOR services benefit from streamlined payroll processes, accurate deductions, compliance with labour laws, and timely payments.

So when is an EOR necessary? In essence, an EOR becomes necessary when seeking a seamless, compliant, and strategic approach to international talent acquisition, ensuring businesses can navigate legal complexities and focus on core objectives. If you're considering expanding to the Netherlands or hiring internationally, our EOR services offer comprehensive support, facilitating a smooth journey for employers and employees alike.

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