A UK company recruiting EU nationals

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A UK company recruiting EU nationals
A company based in the United Kingdom is looking to tap into talent from the Dutch labour market. As the company operates in the service industry and within a modern business environment, the work can be carried out remotely. This means that the company’s new employees will be living and working in the Netherlands. However, from time to time, the company would require its Dutch team to work at its premises in the UK. As work is being carried out in multiple locations – at home and in an office – and countries, tax, payroll and other factors will likely become difficult to navigate. Resultantly, this company would benefit from the services of a professional employer organisation such as Employor.

Based in the Netherlands, Employor is armed with years of experience in this field. Its teams are experts in the Dutchbusiness environment and have helped many international companies in the same situation. In the case described here, Employor could assist with all administrative tasks associated with employment. This would include setting up the salary administration, creating payslips and offering payroll tax calculations.Employor can also organise salary payments to employees and produce reports to send to authorities in the United Kingdom.

By partnering with Employor, the UK company can rest assured that it is accessing top talent in the Netherlands, while also meeting all the necessary tax and employment laws and regulations of both the Netherlands and the UK.

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