A Dutch yacht-building company hiring international talent

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A Dutch yacht-building company hiring international talent
The Netherlands is at the centre of the luxury yacht-building industry. A company specializing in the staffing of luxury yachts is looking to hire crew from outside the EU. These employees will be hired to oversee the construction process of the vessels and will be working in the Netherlands. After the vessel is ready, the crew will sail out. The company will therefore need to adhere to Dutch tax and employment laws and regulations. To get support for hiring overseas talent, the company seeks the services of a professional employer organisation (PEO) such as Employor.

As an intermediary agency, Employor will step in to take care of payrolling on behalf of the company. From setting up the necessary registrations and obtaining tax numbers for the staff to running the monthly payroll, Employor will ensure that the company is meeting the correct requirements. This is vital, as payroll tax and social security is due from the first day of operations. Without the right knowledge and experience, the company may miss out on ways to reduce the tax burden, such as the 30% ruling for highly skilled workers. Since net salaries are often agreed upon before hiring, such factors must be taken into account in a timely manner for the benefit of both the company and the employee.

With Employor on its side, the company can rest assured that it is meeting all the required tax and employment social security regulations. At the same time, it will also save time and resources on payrolling, freeing up opportunities to focus on other goals and priorities.

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