From tax and HR queries to payroll and employment regulations, a lot of questions may arise when you’re looking to expand your business. That’s why we’ve gathered some of our most frequently asked questions, to help you from the outset.

What kind of payrolling does Employor provide?
What does Employor charge for the services?
Is there a minimum / maximum duration of the contract?
How can the contract be terminated?
What is an employer’s contribution?
Do you charge a deposit? How does the invoicing work?
Do you offer occupational health care insurance?
Is the employee entitled to pension?
Can the employee/company undertake voluntary pension, even in circumstances where they do not fall under the mandatory adequate pension of 15%?
What is successive term of employment?

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What does payrolling mean?
Who will be my employer?
What is the 30% ruling?
Who will apply for the visa?
Will my partner and kids also be sponsored?
What is severance/transition payment?
During the onboarding
Who will draw up my contract?
Who determines my salary?
During the secondment
Who will pay my salary?
Will I receive 8% holiday allowance?
How many vacation days will I receive?
How can I take vacation?
Sick leave
What happens when I am sick?
To whom do I have to report that I am sick?
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